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CCISD Visual and Performing Arts
At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, all VPA course offerings will be available brick and mortar learning environments, with most of the same course offerings in the Clear Connections online program.
•Teachers and students will have the tools they need to be successful in this learning environment. Some course content may be adjusted to accommodate for software or hardware issues. To the greatest extent possible, electronic access to learning materials and platforms, including a district supplied laptop for home use, will be made available if needed.
•A guaranteed and viable curriculum is outlined in the CCISD curriculum documents which are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS).

Primary Goals

of VPA

•Limit risk of exposure by maintaining social distancing throughout all activities conducted at the Clear Creek ISD VPA department
•Emphasize personal hygiene such as hand washing and use of hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of facilities
•Implement routine and enhanced cleaning and sanitation of VPA equipment and facilities
•Plan and communicate safe access to facilities to minimize personal interaction and facilitate social distancing

Parent/Guardian Communication Plan

•Information will be provided to all parents/guardians outlining procedures and protocols that will be used within VPA programs and extra-curricular activities
•Parents will be updated on changes in protocol.

Covid-19 Symptoms

•Cough•Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
•Repeated shaking with chills
•Muscle pain
•Sore throat
•Loss of taste or smell
•Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
•Known close contact with a person who has a lab confirmed to have COVID-19

Program Safety Protocols

Orchestra Rehearsal Guidelines

General Information:
•All components of the orchestra program will follow CDC, TEA, UIL, TMEA, and CCISD guidelines to ensure a safe learning environment
•Campus specific plans will be publicized for the safe entry and exit of students to/from the campus daily. The entry and exit points will be coordinated to minimize personal interaction and to facilitate social distancing. The plans may include a staggered drop off and pick up times
•All stakeholders should do a preliminary self-check by reviewing all Pre-Screening Questions prior to arriving at school. The self-check questions are listed below
•All rehearsals closed to spectators
•Any Fall semester concerts,and full ensemble events will be live streamed with no audience present unless the performance is outdoors following the mask/distancing expectation.
Instructional Practices
•Whenever possible, group instruction will take place with a minimum of 3-feetdistance between each student for indoor rehearsals with mask on
•Whenever possible, classroom staging should be constructed utilizing straight lines with 5-feet between each line;•Alternate rehearsal spaces when possible
•Singing is allowed in the orchestra hall when wearing mask
•Additional instructional space should be provided when room capacity under social distancing is lower than the enrollment of the class
•When possible, utilize outdoor spaces when class enrollment exceeds square footage allotment
•Utilizing outdoor spaces must be approved and assigned by administrative staff.
Staff Expectations
•Head Orchestra Director will train and communicate to all stakeholders regarding Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures for orchestra program
•Instructors will be required to wear mask when entering and exiting the facility
•Instructors will be required to wear mask when possible while instructing
•Instructors may utilize face shields as an additional barrier when instructing and monitoring students
•Gloves maybe utilized by staff for the cleaning of all equipment
•Music stands, stools, bows and chairs will be disinfected after every use by staff and secondary students
•All required forms, syllabus and music will be distributed electronically when possible
•Hand sanitizing stations will be placed and utilized throughout the facility and outdoors
•When possible,the staff should assign student cases to be staged in an assigned locker
•Post Covid-19 signage provided by VPA throughout the orchestra hall
•Require students to be dressed appropriately upon arrival, no changing facility will be available
•Encourage and recommend that students shower and wash hair daily to help mitigate the spread. In addition, wear long hair up in a tall bun and cover it up
•Keep all egress clear for evacuation if needed.
Student Expectations
•Students must wear proper mask at all times while in the orchestra room
•Students must wear mask while entering and exiting the facility
•No in person group social activities sponsored by the orchestra division until further notice
•No socializing before and after rehearsals on school property;•All personal items must be properly stored and removed daily
•Sharing of string instruments will be minimized whenever possible, and students will be required to use hand sanitizer before and after handling the instruments
•No sharing of food and drinks
•No unauthorized sharing of orchestra instrument lockers
•All orchestra students will be responsible for bringing their own water supply. Sharing of water will not be allowed. All students need to bring enough water to last for the duration of the rehearsal. Each container should be properly labeled and stored.Campus ice machines and water fountains are not available
•No orchestra accessories should be shared
•Students should remain 6 feet apart at all times when not playing
•Shower and wash hair daily to help mitigate the spread. In addition, wear long hair up in a tall bun and covering it up
•It is strongly recommended that individuals of different households not travel in the same vehicle
•Only one student at a time will be allowed to use the restroom. Students will be required to wash their hands for 20 seconds per restroom visit. Students are encouraged to use a paper towel when opening restroom doors and disposing them immediately into a trash can located outside the restroom door.
Booster Expectations
•No serving of water, snacks and food to students
•All meetings must take place virtually
•All booster interactions must follow staff expectations and protocols.

Covid-19 Self-Health Assessment

1. Have you or anyone in the home had a fever or felt feverish (chills or shaking) in the past 3 days?
2. Have you taken any fever-reducing medication such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen in the past 24 hours for reasons related to illness or fever?
3. Have you or anyone in the home shown signs of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of sense of taste or smell) in the past 10 days?
4. Have you or anyone in the home shown signs of gastrointestinal illness (recurrent nausea,vomiting, diarrhea) in the past 10 days?
5. Have you or anyone in the home had new or worsening headaches or muscle pains in the past 10 days (excluding migraines or injuries)?
6. Have you or anyone in the home had any contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
7. Are you or anyone in the home under investigation or monitoring for suspected COVID-19?
8. *If you have traveled outside the state of Texas in the past 14 days, please adhere to the Texas Department of State Health Services travel advisories and quarantine instructions listed on the COVID-19 webpage of its website under Information for Travelers.
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